Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May 2011

Hello Everyone,
May 2011 was a pretty crazy month for me with continuing education courses.
It started the first weekend in May in Sandestin,FL for the Andrews Institute Injuries in Football course. The course was outstanding and we had the opportunity to discuss injuries, recognition and the rehabilitation of various football injuries. This is a great course for anyone who treats football players.

The next weekend it was off to Rio de Janeiro for the ISAKOS meeting. The meeting was great, and it was more fulfilling to meet so many physical therapists from Brazil who attended the meeting. I was involved in a 3 day rehabilitation session that was attended by over 250 physical therapists.
Lynn Snyder-Mackler and Jay Irrgang organized a great meeting and what a fun place to visit.

Rio was awesome. Great sight seeing, food and people there.

The next course was the shoulder & knee course in Dallas, Tx organized by Northeast Seminars. The 3 day workshop seminar was outstanding. We had a great turn out of enthusiastic PTs and we had an excellent learning and fun weekend. Maverick fever was going strong that weekend!

The last course of the month was in Hilton Head Island for the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Meeting. This course has been going on for 26 years and is truly one of the best multiple speaker courses that is offered. Dr Noyes and his staff do a fantastic job organizing, administering and teaching this course.

Over 250 people attended and I would strongly recommend you attend this course over Memorial Day weekend – it’s a truly outstanding weekend. Learn in the morning, beach or golf in afternoon and some workshops at night – what a day…

June should be a little calmer then May…At least I hope so.

Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011

Hello All,

March 2011 was an exciting month for me with continuing education courses.
 It started in Vail, CO at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine course entitled Sports Medicine Course: Elite Athletes to Weekend Warriors. It was 5 days of high quality education presented by the top Orthopaedists in the World. I was truly delighted to be a part of the course and present rehabilitation concepts and techniques. The course discussed injuries from the shoulder to the foot. It was a great course and a wonderful learning experience.  Drs LaPrade & Moorman did a great job as Co-Chairman of this course. It was truly an honor to be included in the program. Everyone (Allied Health Professors) should plan to attend this meeting – it is truly worth it.

Then March 19 & 20 I was fortunate to teach again with my old and dear friend Brian Mulligan from New Zealand in Atlanta, GA. The course was great, if you’ve never been to one of our courses you must try to attend. It is the most insightful, thought provoking, stimulating and fun 2 day course I’ve ever been involved with. Brian pulls people from the attendance and basically treats their lesions or pathologies – then discusses with the class what he just did. I continue to present PowerPoint presentations and case studies. Brian and I have fun with our open discussions, questions from the audience and the interactions with participants. I hope you plan to attend before Professor Mulligan retires.
Then off to Snowbird, Utah for the 2011 Metcalf/AANA Arthroscopy Meeting on March 23-27, 2011. This was a great course with a heavy emphasis on surgical technique but there were numerous presentations on rehabilitation and patient management. It was a great learning opportunity and speakers were there from all over the World. I gave six presentations there, but there were numerous other presentations on rehabilitation from Physicians as well. It was a great course and I was honored to be asked to participate. Dr Burks & his staff did a great organizing the course I would strongly encourage rehabilitation specialist to attend this course to learn more a exact surgical techniques and the rehabilitation to follow.

I’ll be in Baltimore & in Orange County in April teaching courses – hope to see you there!